We Give Back

STARZ & SKILLZ has a broken heart for homelessness and hunger. Since 2005 the owners of the company have been supporters of Urban Ministry in Charlotte, NC. It’s also known as the “Soup Kitchen” in Uptown. Urban Ministry is a HUGE beacon of hope for so many people facing utter despair through homelessness, mental disorders and so much more. Besides the meals they serve, the many other humanitarian services they provide are too invaluable to even measure. Not to mention that they always score an “A” on their fiscal responsibility report card, which is graded by an independent non-profit watchdog group. One drive past Urban Ministry on any given day will also break your heart and show you why we’ve decided to help them on a regular basis.

We want to make sure that every purchase you make means more than just a product bought and sold. We want to recognize every purchase for the blessing that it is and keep those blessings moving forward. This is why we pledge to donate one brand new t-shirt (blank) to Urban Ministry every time we sell a product.